30 days in Atlanta


The film begins in a crowded room where Majid Michel, the MC of an event, announced that Akpos (AY) had just won an all expenses paid trip to the United States. Akpos was allowed to bring along one other person and he chose to go with his childhood friend, Richard (Ramsey Nouah). The rest of the movie follows Akpos and Richard in Atlanta, Georgia, and documents their experiences in “obodo oyibo”.


Overall the acting in this movie was good. Mercy Johnson was amazing in this movie! I loved the scene where she asked Akpos to “give himself prestige”. LOL! Vivica fox killed her role as usual; she is awesome like that. Akpos was funny and I laughed at some of his jokes.  Ramsey Nouah did good; I actually think this was a great comeback movie for him. My favourite scene was definitely where Akpos’ mother visited Lagos. It was too funny!!

I also loved the overall production of this movie. It was a clear movie and there weren’t too many unnecessary scenes.


Perhaps I had high expectations of this movie, but I didn’t laugh as hard as I’d expected. The lady who acted as Ramsey Noah’s girlfriend in the movie is a terrible actress! I also didn’t understand Rachel Oniga’s scenes as well. I couldn’t understand her acting tbh. I feel she is losing her touch…my opinion.

In addition, there were stereotypical stories of an illiterate arriving in a foreign land and misbehaving, which I didn’t really enjoy. Like when Akpos met a woman with a stubborn child, he stepped forward and warned the child that he would exchange her for recharge card if she was in Nigeria. I felt like this scene (and some others like this) were not really needed.



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